A New Beginning

Today we’re excited to announce a new chapter in if(we)’s history, and a new chapter for the future of Social Discovery.

if(we) is being acquired by MeetMe, Inc (NASDAQ: MEET).

Since we brought Tagged to the world in 2004, our mission was to enable meaningful connections between people. More than 300+ million users later, besides growing our existing successful products, Tagged and hi5, we have focused on innovation and helping make if(we) the next great social network. While our products have evolved through the years, our vision has remained unchanged. If Facebook is about connecting you with people you already know, our products are all about exploring, discovering, and connecting the people you should (but don’t) know.

When we met the team at MeetMe, we quickly realized that our missions are the same - helping people meet new people and solving the “Social Discovery” need for our users. We shared many of the same philosophies from a product, team, and vision perspective, and we both believe in the opportunity in dating/social, particularly around video. Together, we believe we can accelerate this for all our users.

As part of MeetMe, if(we) will be able to leverage our combined expertise in Social Discovery to enhance our current products in meaningful ways. Our team will be able to focus on improving the core experience of Tagged/hi5 for all users, while exploring new formats such as videos to connect people.

This announcement will only mean more and better experiences for you - we are more committed than ever to making Tagged the best place to meet new people. Thank you for coming on this journey with us and making Tagged the awesome community it is today. We are excited for this next chapter and we will see you on Tagged!