Looking to the Future of Dating Platforms

A social movement begins subtly. It starts with small conversations and brief moments. In 1999, my mom came home with a library book tucked under her arm. “My talk show said this book is really popular right now, especially with kids your age,” she told me.

I was 9, so naturally skeptical of adults telling me what I like. “What’s it about?”

“Witches and dragons, I think.” Sensing my lack of enthusiasm, she added, “It must be good — I put us on the library’s waiting list eight weeks ago and only just got it.”

I took the book politely, thinking I’d skim it just to maker her happy. From the first chapter, I was hooked, and I joined the fan phenomenon that would shape my generation. That’s how I read “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

You don’t always know when you’re on the cusp of something big, but some companies make it their mission to track the trends and predict the next smash hit. In the dating industry, if(we) believes mobile technology is where the action is.

if(we) strives to create groundbreaking dating apps. CEO Dash Gopinath and his team enjoy coming up with fresh ideas to serve the next generation of daters.

The company invests in the creativity of their team by challenging them to finish the sentence “If we…” This strategy has served them well for over 12 years of imaginative development. Their established brands, including Tagged and hi5, attract millions of young people eager for new ways to interact using technology.

Under Dash’s leadership, if(we) endeavors to stay on the cutting-edge of socialization as they dream up user-friendly dating platforms. From avatar chatting to video messages, these technical wizards build tools that make casual dating more fun and natural.

Whether you’re seeking friendship or a relationship, if(we)’s dating platforms provide social connections for all types of singles.

“Our mission is always to connect people,” Dash said. “Dating is a big part of that but so is something more casual like gaming or chatting.”

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