Product & Design

One - Mobile Dating App for Black Millennials

Today, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of One, our new dating app designed exclusively for young Black millennials, presenting our latest and greatest social experience to this highly-coveted, influential audience. We are proud to add One to our growing portfolio of dating apps, alongside Tagged and hi5, which collectively serve over 5M people worldwide.

Before I share more about the One experience, it’s important to note why we decided to build it. After all, with Tagged, we already engage over 350,000 African-American users, who collectively make over 400,000 matches between our members, each and every day. We currently operate the largest African-American dating platform in the industry. Why launch a new Black dating app? Don’t we already have that in Tagged?

The answer is yes, we do enjoy a large audience of African-American users, and that is precisely how we know we can serve this audience even better by offering a new brand that recognizes the amazingly beautiful diversity that exists within the African-American community. Just as it’s foolish when some assume our entire community listens to the same music, likes the same movies, wears the same styles and has the same politics, as a social platform, it behooves us to pay attention to the distinct diversity of tastes our users have in the types of people they want to meet as they search for the perfect match. When it comes to dating apps, one size does not fit all.

The African-American dating audience --- like any dating audience --- is far from monolithic. And One is our first attempt to offer a differentiated experience for certain members of this important group.

So what is One and who is it for?

One is the best dating app designed exclusively for young Black millennials, offering the best user experience for those looking for fun, a night out or whatever happens next. One is for young folks who wear their college colors on their sleeves and are using their minds to think big, at school or in the workplace. Whether they may be reading the latest from #BlackTwitter or an OpEd in The New York Times, One users think for themselves and reach their own conclusions about whatever the topics may be.

And while you may find One users at the hottest day parties or the latest entertainment premieres, some nights, One users may want to just curl up at home and Netflix and Chill.

We are proud to offer One for young Black millennials to give them their own place to meet and socialize with new people and enjoy life experiences that make being young fun.

One is launching in Atlanta and will be coming to other cities later this year. It’s available for download on Android devices now.