Product & Design

The Social (Shopping) Network

Wanelo is reorganizing the world's shopping around people. With Wanelo, users curate products they love by swiping yes or no through a stack of photos, saving products to their profile and viewing products saved by their social network. The more a user engages Wanelo, the more it learns, and the more relevant it becomes.

What’s interesting about Wanelo is that, unlike traditional social networking business models where advertisers engage users based upon information they share, Wanelo's users interact directly with the products that spark their interest — from independent Etsy sellers to big brands. This happens through their friends as a "social shopping network".

At if(we) we seek to create apps that foster social connection, authenticity and community. In many instances our social connectedness is born through the things we love and things we have in common — whether it's a favorite travel spot, restaurant, or pair of jeans.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to expand upon Wanelo and build a social app centered around these shared interests. The things people love are powerful. If we can enable users to engage them, as well as the tribes that form around them, we may uncover a new environment for social discovery and connectedness.